c/o 2018 -- Seniors


we earned over $2100 on Powder Buff!!!  Way to go!!
Our next big fundraiser is Powder Puff.

Here is some information on Powder Puff:

Forms available in front of Mrs. Thibodeaux’s room (2423) on February 19th, and the mandatory meeting is in her room on February 28th at 2:45pm. All forms and fees are due at that time.


Practices (All practices will be 4:45pm-6:00pm)

Practice day #1 – 3/5

Practice day #2 – 3/6

Practice day #3 – 3/7

Practice day #4 – 3/8

Practice day #5 – 3/19

Practice day #6 – 3/20

Practice day #7 – 3/21

Practice day #8 – 3/22

Practice day #9 - 3/26

Practice day #10 – 3/27

Game Day: 3/28/2018 – Game time 7:00pm -- must be on the field @ 6:15pm.

Rainout Day: 3/29/2018

 Purchase the 2017-2018 Charger Yearbook!

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Senior Yearbook Ads

I have received quite a few questions regarding ordering yearbooks and the Most-Loved-Part-of-the-Yearbook, Senior Ad/Baby/Tribute pages. Here is what I have as the senior ad descriptions and directions:

First, go to www.balfour.com and order your yearbook and senior ad (available when you purchase a yearbook).

Save your emailed yearbook receipt (Order Number). Return to www.balfour.com with ad photos and message. Under 'Locate Your Order' enter your last name and order number, click blue button to upload materials.

Sales Deadline 2/23. Ad Content Deadline 2/23.  If you have questions, please email Mrs. Karen DePaul at kdepaul@ccisd.net.

It is important that customers upload both the photos and the message for the ad. Without the upload of BOTH message text and photos, the data will not be uploaded. If you have designed an ad and the message is included in the photo - simply enter 'Message included on Photo'. Then the materials will be uploaded successfully.
Full Page Senior Ad (8 photos, 250 chars) - $350.00

  • 1/2 page ad - 4 Photo Senior Ad (4 photos, 250 chars) - $180.00
  • 1/4 page ad - 2 Photo Senior Ad (2 photos, 250 chars) - $95.00
  • 1/8 page ad - 1 Photo Senior Ad (1 photo, 250 chars) - $50.00

***These prices have been the same for the past 3 years.

The yearbook is 9" X 12", so that will help you decide the size you want to purchase. You may upload your own pre-designed ad, or just upload your materials and Balfour will design the ad. You will receive a PDF copy of the ad to proof before it is sent for actual printing. 

Thank you for uploading your ad materials. Should you wish to change an uploaded message or photo and our system will not allow the change, this means Mrs. DePaul has already captured the materials to begin the ad design. Please email her directly to ask if she can allow you to make the change. Email Mrs. DePaul at kdepaul@ccisd.net.

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Clear Springs High School Assistant Principals and Counselors
Student Last Names A - D:  Lori Diaz, AP; Deb Rom, Counselor
Student Last Names E – La:  Traci LaFoy, AP ; Angela Alksne, Counselor
Student Last Names Le – Rh:  Elizabeth Raska, AP; Iraima Lopez Bauer, Counselor
​​​​​​​Student Last Names Ri – Z:  Troy Scott, AP; Tracie Knutson, Counselor


Senior Officers at Powder Buff Senior Officers in Galveston

Senior Class Officers:
President - Kyle Benacquisto
Vice President - Travis "Josh" Moore
Secretary - Chandler Deppisch
Parliamentarian - Edmundo Suarez
Historian - Elizabeth "Liz" Koegel

Class Sponsor:
Candice Thibodeaux

Class Administrator:
Troy Scott