AP Exam Information

 Advanced Placement (AP) EXAM INFORMATION 

Important Information

  • Please be advised it is the responsibility of the student to confirm test dates do not conflict with U.I.L. events or other school functions and to request a late exam enrollment, if needed. (Note: Late testing incurs an additional fee per exam. See Ms. Denise Cottenoir - Lead Counselor, in the CSHS College Center for additional Information)

Refund Information

  • A portion of the test fee is non-refundable, if the test it not purchased by another student.
  • Full refund is refunded if the test is purchased by another student. 
  • Credit card transaction fees are non-refundable. 
  • Full fee is non-refundable for fee-reduced exams. 
  • The deadline for requesting a refund will be determined at a later date. 

Calendar of AP Exam Dates:



College Board's AP Testing Website

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