CSHS 2019-2020 student parking applications are available at Mrs. Compton's desk 2300/2400 Pod and front desk by the receptionist.

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For more information please email:

Parking spaces will be sold to Seniors and Juniors only‚Äč 

Students must be clear of all fines and fees and have completed all registration

documentation before applying for and purchasing a CSHS student parking permit.



Due to limited parking on campus, we can only offer permits to 12th and 11th graders only


ALL information is required to obtain a parking permit

  • Completed Parking Permit Application.
  • Copy of VALID Driver’s License – NO PERMITS – must have the driver’s photo on the license.
  • Copy of Proof of Liability Insurance – STUDENT’S NAME & VEHICLE MUST APPEAR ON THE INSURANCE CARD.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that a current copy of insurance is on file at ALL TIMES.
  • $35.00- Parking Fee for 1st vehicle, $5.00 for each additional vehicle. Cash or Checks [made payable to CSHS].
  • Must be cleared of all FEES & FINES and have STUDENT SCHEDULE from CSHS only (August only)

CSHS 2019-2020 Parking rules

  1. Possession of a driver’s license does not guarantee the permit holder a parking space. Spaces are limited.
  2. Parking at CSHS is a privilegeNOT A RIGHT.
  3. Permits can be revoked without warning or notice to student drivers for any violation of the Student Code of Conduct as outlined in the Student Handbook. 
  4. The maximum speed limit is 10 mph.
  5. Each vehicle parked on the CSHS campus MUST have its own registered parking permit.  Students are NOT ALLOWED to sell or give their permits to others.  BOTH students’ parking privileges will be revoked for the duration of the school year.  
  6. New vehicles MUST be registered with CSHS BEFORE you are allowed to park it on campus.
  7. Student must inform parking Assistant Principal or Secretary if driving a vehicle other than the one listed on application even if for just one day before it is driven on campus.  Unregistered vehicles may be booted or towed at the expense of the vehicle owner. Warning sticker may also be placed on vehicle. Numerous warnings will result in removal of parking permit or revoking parking privileges for the next school year.
  8. Motorcycles must have a parking permit as well. 
  9. If student’s vehicle is damaged or in an accident, please report it immediately to the School Liaison Officers or CSHS Administration.
  10. Parking stickers must be displayed on the bottom right side of front windshield on the passenger side of ALL registered vehicles.
  11. All students must park in their designated parking space. If student chooses to park elsewhere, they may be issued a warning sticker, towed at owner’s expense, or car booted with removal charge of $35.00 BEFORE removal.  Students with more than 2 parking citations during the school year will have their permit revoked for the remainder of the school year.  Students with excessive tardies and/or absences to school will have their permit revoked.
  12. During Marching Band season (1st semester), all cars parked in spaces 219 thru 500 must be out by 3:00 P.M. (3:15 P.M. on Tuesday and Thursday (tutorial days) or be towed at owner’s expense.  This includes students involved in extracurricular activities.  (219-231, 243-262 and 289-308 must move year–round by the above time for JROTC practice.)
  13. NO student without parking permit is to park at Creekside Intermediate School unless that is your assigned parking space.  These vehicles may be towed or booted without warning at owner’s expense.
  14. Students are responsible for all items in their vehicles.  Please clean out your vehicle regularly.  Students found with prohibited/illegal items (as defined by the Student Handbook) in their vehicles will receive the consequences as if these items were found on their person, including pending investigation from random canine unit searches. Students withdrawn to Clear Path Alternative School will have parking permit revoked for remainder of school year.
  15. Clear Springs is not an open campus.  Once students arrive on campus, they are not allowed to return to their vehicles during the school day without administrative permission.  Students are not allowed to leave campus prior to the end of the school day unless they have a scheduled early release period, a scheduled off campus class, or they have checked out properly with the attendance office.  Any violation of this nature will be considered truancy.
  16. The following violations may result in consequences (including but not limited to citation, vehicle booted, removal of parking permit or towed)
  • Excessive tardies to school
  • Peel Outs/Speeding
  • Fender Bender
  • Door Dings/Vandalism/Hit & Run
  • Reckless Driving/Accident/Turfing/Donuts
  • Car “Surfing”
  • Passengers on the back of motorcycles/vehicles
  • No helmet while driving motorcycle
  • No Seatbelts/talking on cell while driving
  • No permit or permit displayed
  • Passengers in the bed of a truck/riding in trunk
  • Expired Insurance / Expired Driver’s License
  • Parking in space other than your assigned space
  • Taunting from vehicle
  • Loud Music/Revving
  • Driving on Bus Ramp during loading hours
  • Disobeying Traffic Signal/Parking Lot Attendant/Running over cones/running over medians/Curb Hopping
  • Driving a non-registered vehicle
  • Students in parking lot without administrative permission
  • Overcrowded vehicle (more passengers than seatbelts)



If your vehicle has been owed from CSHS property, you will need to contact

BOSONE TOWING, INC.  281-474-3344, they are located at 1717 HWY 3 between HWY 96 and FM 646 in League City

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