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Bell Schedule and Attendance

School Bells

7:10 a.m. - 2:35 p.m.


7:20 a.m

Early Release

11:30 am


2023-2024 Bell Schedules


A parent excuse note is to be scanned or photographed in the parents handwriting along with a copy of their pictured ID.  If a medical note is involved, please scan or photograph.

Please email notes to

How do I check out my student driver?
Please scan or photograph a handwritten note along with your photo ID to the email address listed above.

How many days do I have to turn in an excuse note for an absence? 
Three school days. Notes concerning absences must be turned in to the Attendance Office.

When is a doctor's note required?
After five missed school days.

Attendance called stating my child has missed one or more classes, and I feel it is in error. 
Skyward can be checked to see in which class the student was marked absent. Your student can visit with that teacher the next school day or you can email the teacher directly to inquire. Absences due to school related activities will be corrected by the Attendance Office within two school days.

Attendance Clerks

Gloria Hopkins

Debbie Lewis

School: 281-284-1392
School Fax: 281-284-9830