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Meet the Clear Springs High School Counseling Team!

The CSHS Guidance and Counseling Team welcomes you to the 2022-2023 school year! Our first priority is our students. We readily make ourselves available to students in need of guidance and counseling throughout the school day. To ensure all students are well-served with the time and attention they deserve, we ask that parents/guardians make an appointment with their student’s counselor to allow adequate scheduling and preparation.

Denise Cottenoir

Dir. Of College Counseling/Lead

Barbara Garza

Sec to Lead Counselor

Dedra Etzel

Support Counselor 9th & 12th

Karen Grayson

Support Counselor 10th & 11th

Natalie Nylen

College and Career Specialist

Kristine Gann

A & Special Programs

Valerie Strickland

Counselor B-Fo

Angela Alksne

Counselor Fr-Ll

Maria Del Pilar Lopez Bauer

Counselor Lo-Ri

Tracie Knutson

Counselor Ro-Z

Guidance and Counseling Disclosure

The Clear Springs High School Counseling Department is committed to providing students with a comprehensive guidance and counseling program to include:

  • Guidance Curriculum 
  • Responsive Services 
  • Individual Planning
  • System Support

CSHS Disclosures 2022-23

CSHS School Profile 2022-23